Every photograph has a backstory, no matter how insignificant or profound it is to others. Sharing adds context and can transform what may seem like an ordinary photo, into an insight of a deeply personal experience. In truth, there's really no such thing as an 'ordinary' photo. There is always something that compels someone to take a photo, sometimes even unconsciously. I'll find myself going through my camera roll on my phone before going to bed, deleting unnecessary clutter. When doing this however, buried memories resurface and what started off as a productivity habit ends up becoming a nostalgia trip.


Places Of Solitude

Entry 1 - Princeton University, New Jersey

Princeton University. A walkers paradise with impressive architectural structures that encompass areas of complete silence and solitude. Each time I visit, there's always something so simple yet ever changing to admire. It can be the way the sun hits a building, a change in season, or just noticing solitary wanderers like myself. I've visited multiple times over the past couple months, walking for hours through the town and university, and as small as it may seem, there was always more to discover. It's rare to find a place that can make you feel detached from the worst parts of reality while entertaining your imagination, this is just one of the few for me.

 © Original works by Kristen Rae Miranda