Winter Sunset

So back in February, I planned to attend the ‘LIFE Magazine and The Power of Photography’ artist talk event in Princeton. I made it to the campus and had about 30 minutes before the event started. I was grateful for the extra time because the lighting was literally perfect. Every couple minutes, I made my way closer to the event hall but I still really wanted to capture the backlit, long shadowed silhouettes of the people walking around. I had maybe 5 min left until the event started but I had just come across the most perfect arch. By then, I already knew I'd lost a seat at the event. I truly didn’t care, getting THE shot was more important and I kept waiting for crowds to move out of the way while still just admiring the lighting. I wasn’t the only one who caught on to this prime location, a small crowd gathered right behind me. I finished my roll and headed to the event, 15 minutes late. They weren’t letting anyone else in but I wasn’t really bothered. I went straight to the gallery where they were holding the reception and snagged a cup of wine, admired the work, bought a burrito downtown, and then drove home. I just got this film developed last month (July) and being able to relive that funny memory while scanning the negatives is unmatched feeling.
I think this a great example of the “power of photography”.